SIM Fair 2016
SIM Fair 2016

The 12th, 13th and 14th of the last October the annual edition of the exhibition SIM Congress 2016 was held in Grenoble (France), organized by the Society of French mining industry.
As usual, VEI was present with its own booth in cooperation with Servited, VEI dealer for France.
Stefano Crovadore, Franck Gil and his colleagues have introduced to the visitors of the exhibition area the VEI products specific for the mining industry.
The Millennium5 weighing system for wheel loaders, dumpers and underground trucks; HelperX for sales and production control directly from the wheel loader and HelperXE the new product for excavators.
Big interest has been shown for ipotweb.com portal for the management of machinery fleet at work controlling remotely the productivity, the load materials then the sales to customers and issuance of any transport documents remotely.
VEI confirms its leading technology in an expanding global market, with attention to the particular needs of the customer for his work environment.
VEI stands for On Board Weighing Solutions.

VEI 30 years of leading adventure
VEI 30 years of leading adventure

Vei passion have brought its products to the pole position of the worldwide scene.

The ace up our sleeve

millennium5 attaches the right importance to productivity within cost analyses to improve efficiency

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Weight Commander

An infallible weight management system?
Industrial machines like forklift trucks mount it onboard to “load” productivity

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Einfache Bedienbarkeit

Das italienische Unternehmen VEI ist seit bereits mehr als 28 Jahren auf dem Markt der mobilen Wägetechnik erfolgreich tätig. Seine aktuelle Basiswägesystemgeneration Millennium 5, die hauptsächlich als Radladerwaage eingesetzt wird, kann dank ihres modularen Aufbaus auch erst nachträglich zum Topgerät Helper X aufgerüstet werden. Beiden Systemen gemeinsam ist eine neue kompakte Bauweise, um Einschränkung des Sichtfeldes auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Ein großes, übersichtliches Farbdisplay, das sich auch bei direkter Sonneneinstrahlung noch gut ablesen lässt, ist die Basis für eine wesentliche Eigenschaft, die alle VEI-Produkte auszeichnet: die einfache Bedienbarkeit. (pdf in German)

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The perfect fit within your loadings

Saving time and resources when loading a truck at the quarry can become an exact science with the “zero defect” weighing technology at the heart of the millennium 5 system by Vei.

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Bring your weight LIVE outside the cabin

The REMOTE DISPLAY helps in those situations where the weight must be shown live outside the cabin. When loading a truck your customer have a real time knowledge of how much weight you are unloading into the truck.

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Who's Vei
VEI On board weighing

VEI onboard weighing production involves a vast range of applications, from wheeled loaders payload management to mining trucks fleet monitoring and agriculture vehicle on-board weighing systems to prevent overload and loads moved monitoring. VEI is a solution provider for OEMs seeking for onboard weighing electronics embedded solutions.

Con i sistemi di pesatura Veigroup si diventa anche Dottori!

Giovedì 10 aprile scorso presso l'Università degli Studi di Verona - Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche si è laureata Adele Corrà collaboratrice di Veigroup dal 2006.
A conclusione del Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Economia e Commercio Curriculum in "Direzione Aziendale", Adele ha presentato la sua tesi dal titolo "Il piano industriale come strumento di sviluppo: il caso VEIGROUP SRL".
Il corposo volume, attraverso 8 capitoli, analizza in modo dettagliato e preciso la realtà della nostra azienda, leader mondiale nella pesatura a bordo, nata nell'ormai lontano luglio del 1986.
In un clima di grande commozione e soddisfazione dei familiari, degli amici e della rappresentanza aziendale presenti all'evento, è stata consegnata nelle mani del signor Girolamo Valerio, fondatore e titolare della Veigroup, una copia dell'importante documento.
MEET THE VIBES! Come recita uno dei nostri slogan, in questo giorno si sono incontrate le vere vibrazioni!
Veigroup esprime i più vivi ed affettuosi complimenti alla neo dottoressa!

Articulated Dump truck and Onboard Weighing innovation

The installation of accurate and easy-to-view onboard weighing solutions and production monitoring enable fleet operators to control loads moved, driving down haulage costs and improving productivity.

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